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Fire safety Product for kitchen

Fire Suppression Systems (kitchen hood, clean agent, and industrial dry chem)

D&M Fire Safety is trained for Amerex, Ansul, Buckeye, Firetrace, Kidde and  Pyro-Chem  fire suppression products and systems. We provide solutions and specialized systems for restaurants, computer rooms, vehicles, paint spray booths and various industrial applications. Count on D&M Fire to design, install, service, inspect and maintain your fire protection systems to ensure you are always prepared

Fire safety Product

Portable Fire Extinguisher Products & Services

D&M Fire Safety is an authorized distributor of Amerex hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. From the economically priced dry chemical and carbon dioxide extinguishers, to the new halotron and water mist “Clean Agent” extinguisher (Halon 1211 replacement) or the rugged High Performance industrial grade hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, we offer an extensive product line to suit every need.

Fire safety Product

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

D&M offers fire extinguisher cabinets by Thomas Enterprise and Larson. These come in recessed, semi-recessed and surface mount. Both brands offer many options such as fire rated, full glass doors, locks, many colors and stainless steel. We offer these at contractor pricing.

Fire safety Product

Safety Equipment​

In addition to your choice of the proper fire extinguisher, we provide the accessories needed for their proper use and deployment (fire extinguisher brackets, fire extinguisher cabinets, covers, fire extinguisher foam agents, fire extinguisher tags, etc.). D&M Fire also has smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, first aid kits, fire ladders and much more.

Fire safety Product

Guardian Model G300-A Residential Range Top Fire Suppression

Guardian Model G300-A for fire suppression is precision engineered for optimum performance, and represents the latest technological development in residential range top fire suppression, designed to detect and extinguish rangetop fires on an electric or gas range. The Guardian III extinguisher system is totally self-contained within its own enclosure. The entire discharge assembly, including heat sensors and nozzles, are held underneath the range hood out of view by magnetic force.

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