Portable fire suppression system

Kitchen System -KP

Amerex KP UL 300 Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System

The Amerex KP Restaurant System is a pre-engineered, wet chemical, stored pressure type with a fixed nozzle agent distribution network. When a fire starts, the detection network, consisting of fusible links or pneumatic tubing, will automatically detect the fire or the manual pull station can be used, releasing a low pH agent throughout the hood, duct and onto the appliances.

Kitchen system zone defense

Amerex Zone Defense UL300 Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System

Self-contained restaurant fire suppression system that incorporates equally spaced discharge nozzles over the entire length of the kitchen hood. Pneumatic Linear Detection device, located behind filters, runs entire length of hood and activates automatically at pre-determined temperature. Features include overlapping spray of wet chemical agent and 34 in. deep x length of hood zone of protection.

Fire suppression

Amerex CPS FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

D&M Fire is proud to offer Amerex CPS Clean Agent Fire Suppression System utilizing FM-200® and NOVEC 1230™ the most trusted waterless fire suppression agent in the industry. Years of proven Amerex innovation plus it is a cost effective, reliable, waterless fire protection solution for your critical data and sensitive electronic equipment. Finally, CPS is the solution customized for your needs.

Fire safety suppression for industrial purpose

Amerex IS Dry Chemical Industrial Fire Suppression System

Amerex has devoloped a dry chemical based suppression system for open faced paint boots, vehicle paint booths, total flood, and local application. The IS systems uses less nozzles, which equal to less piping and lower install cost.

Suppression fire

Amerex Vehicle Suppression systems

Designed to alert the driver and suppress a fire in the engine compartment, the Amerex Fire Suppression System allows your driver more control over the event, better enabling him/her to direct passengers to safety. The Amerex system is designed to suppress a fire at its early stage, reducing the chance of major damage and costly repairs to the vehicle. Installing an Amerex Fire Suppression System should also help to decrease your insurance premiums and preserve the value of your vehicles.

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